Welcome on the website of MoveOut Geotours. We are a young geological travel agency, organising geological trips, activities, excursions and special expeditions in and outside Europe. Custom made, if needed, and always for groups of 7 or more people.


Incentives and team building activities
A GPS adventure is not just educating. Because of the competitive elements it is also very challenging. We make it just what you and your colleagues need. Naturally we will arrange a drink and a cosy athmosphere for closing the day with colleagues. [More information]


Activities and projects for schools
Schools and (young) students are one of MoveOut's specialisms. We have much experience with education and a large amount of possibilities to go out for children and students. A school activity with MoveOut will not be forgotten very easily! [More information]


Travel agencies
We also participate in existing trips and activities with other travel agencies and travel organisations. Our expertise is not only about Europe. Important is our big experience with geology and landscapes and the way to find places to learn the most about those. Please have a look at the various themas of our activities.

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